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Our partner Cellecta has developed flexible and scalable broad-based screening and analysis approaches for drug target and biomarker discovery using CRISPR technology. Their tools include custom and off-the-shelf pooled CRISPR libraries facilitating genome-wide functional screening and the identification and validation of genes involved in critical biological and disease pathways.
To improve sgRNA effectiveness Cellecta routinely uses the HEAT-modified sgRNA design in its constructs and libraries.

Cellecta CRISPR Screening Libraries

  • CRISPR Human and Mouse Genome-Wide Libraries
  • CRISPRa Human and Mouse Genome-Wide Libraries
  • CRISPRi Human and Mouse Genome-Wide Libraries
  • Cas9 Expression Vectors
  • CRISPRtest Functional Cas9 Activity Kits
  • CRISPR Custom Constructs and Libraries

CRISPR/Cas9-based Genome Engineering Overview

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