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Fast, easy, and efficient, Cold Fusion Cloning developed by our partner SBI is an excellent choice for any cloning project. Whether you are assembling multiple fragments of DNA or simply adding an insert to a vector, the Cold Fusion Cloning Kits will take you to transformation-ready DNA in a single step - just incubate your DNA fragment(s) with linearized vector for five minutes at room temperature and ten minutes on ice.

15% OFF Cold Fusion Cloning Kits

  • Fast - get transformation-ready DNA in as little as twenty minutes
  • Easy - a ligation-free system for seamless cloning
  • Efficient - typically achieve >90% positive clones
  • Versatile - add any insert into any site in any vector

To achieve highest accuracy, the PCR fragments for your insert(s)-of-interest should be generated using PRECISOR High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase.

15% OFF PRECISOR High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase

  • Accurate - outstanding fidelity
  • Fast - high speed and processivity
  • Efficient - high yields up to 30kb
  • Robust - minimal optimization required

Special offers expires 31 March 2018

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