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Lentivector constructs are the most effective vehicles for the delivery to and expression of a genetic element in almost any mammalian cell type - including non-dividing cells and model organisms. Choose from a wide variety of lentiviral vectors, packaging systems, titer kits and other tools facilitating lentiviral transduction experiments.
Endura competent E. coli cells are recommended for cloning and propagating unstable lentiviral constructs with reliable results.

Lentiviral Reagents

  • Reagents for lentivirus production and transduction
  • Endura competent E. coli cells for propagating lentiviral constructs
  • PEG-it solution for freezing pseudoviral particles without titer loss
  • Lentiviral Cas9 nuclease and nickase expression vectors

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Endura Competent E. coli Cells for Propagating Lentiviral Constructs

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