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BioCat and SGI-DNA have entered into a Europe-wide distribution partnership for Vmax™ Express, a highly advanced bacterial host organism derived from Vibrio natriegens and designed for significant improvement in recombinant protein expression.

  • Fastest growth rate - doubling time of ~14 minutes
  • Up to twice the biomass of E. coli with up to 4x more soluble protein
  • Compatible with commonly used vectors, antibiotics, and growth media
  • Inducible expression over a wide range of ODs and IPTG concentrations
  • Efficient expression up to 24 hrs post-induction
  • Rapid results - get protein 1 day faster than with E. coli

Vmax™ Express is a fast-growing, novel bacterial host optimized for high-level expression of recombinant proteins. With a doubling time twice as fast as E. coli, this next generation protein expression system utilizes a robust transcription and translation system to express large amounts of soluble recombinant protein in less time.

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