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Gradient-based exosome isolation with increased yields and purity

For researchers needing highly pure exosomes, sucrose or OptiPrep™ (iodixanol) density gradient ultracentrifugation are the methods of choice. However, sample preparation prior to the density gradient is a time-consuming and multi-step process.
To streamline the pre-density gradient procedure, our partner SBI has developed ExoMAX™ Opti Enhancer, an easy-to-use reagent that can move samples to the density gradient in three easy steps.

NEW! ExoMAX™ Opti Enhancer

  • High purity - separation of exosomes from viruses and protein aggregates
  • High yield - delivers more exosomes than the traditional protocol
  • More hands-free - three simple steps before the density gradient
  • Flexible - compatible with biomarker discovery and functional assays
  • Scalable - pellet exosomes from any volume of conditioned media or biofluid

NEW! XCF™ COMPLETE Exosome & cfDNA Isolation Kits

Simultaneous purification of cfDNA and exosomes from serum or plasma for comprehensive biomarker research.

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