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Stellaris® RNA FISH from our partner LGC Biosearch allows for the highly specific visualization and quantification of single RNA transcripts, which offers the unique ability to observe gene expression in intact tissue or fixed cells. It is an amplification-free RNA FISH technology using up to 48 fluorophore-labelled probes specific for the target gene.

Stellaris DesignReady RNA FISH Probe Sets for more than 880 genes take the guesswork out of designing your own custom assay. These pre-designed sets have gone through rigorous pre- and post-design bioinformatic analysis to maximize specificity and most are available with the following dyes: CAL Fluor Red 590, Quasar 570, CAL Fluor Red 610 and Quasar 670.

Stellaris DesignReady Probe Sets

  • Single copy RNA detection in situ
  • Amplification-free RNA FISH technology
  • Superior data due to high specificity

You can also send us target genes or sequences to design your own Customized Stellaris RNA FISH Probes

*Expires 31 May 2016

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