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The Human ORFeome Collections provide a comprehensive resource of fully annotated, sequence-verified entry ORFs derived from collections generated by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute-Center for Cancer Systems Biology (in collaboration with the Broad Institute) and the international ORFeome Collaboration (OC). The ORF clones are provided in Gateway-adapted entry vectors for fast and convenient transfer to any compatible expression vector and are offered in multiple configurations to suit a variety of research needs.
The Human ORFeome Collections are offered at a special price until the end of March 2016.

Human ORFeome Collections

  • Complete whole genome collections
  • Extended ORFeome v8.1 Collection available
  • Gateway entry vectors
  • Sequence-verified ORFs
  • Available with or without stop codons

MGC premier Human ORF Complete Collection - ORFeome v8.1 Collection + ORFeome Collaboration Collection
This collection's non-overlapping content represents 14,918 unique genes with 22,057 unique clones.

MGC premier Human ORFeome v8.1 Collection
This collection represents 11,016 genes with 12,071 clones.

MGC premier Human ORFeome Collaboration Collection
This collection currently represents 9,804 genes with 16,581 clones.

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