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AccuMax™ Tissue Microarrays

  • Most detailed pathological and clinical information
  • Specimens selected to be highly representative for the tissues
  • Highly consistent tissue quality
  • Individually packaged to maintain maximum antigenicity and prevent oxidation
  • Thorough quality control

AccuMax Tissue Microarrays are tissue microarrays with hundreds of different normal /malignant tissue spots on one slide. They are designed to minimize the loss of tissues during the printing process. Maximum integrity of tissue antigens is maintained through oxidation-proof packages. Detailed pathological and clinical information for the tissue specimens is provided.

To guarantee the correctness of each tissue spot on the AccuMax Tissue Microarray, every 20th slide and the last slides from a block are H&E stained and read by a certified pathologist. Randomly selected H&E stained slides are re-read by another pathologist. All AccuMax Tissue Microarrays are individually examined by well-trained technologists before packing to guarantee the quality of tissue spots. Only slides with a core loss below 5% are provided.

For detailed information, click on the species, tissue type, disease etc. of your interest in the Tissue Related Overview list and then on Paraffin Tissue Microarray to receive a table with the available tissue microarrays. For example, when selecting Human Adult Normal and Paraffin Tissue Microarray, the AccuMax Tissue Microarrays will be shown at the top of the product table.

Tissue Related -> Human Adult Normal -> Paraffin Tissue Microarray

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