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EasyXpress Viral Nucleic Acid Release Reagent ( VNAR Protease for Isolation of Viral DNA and RNA ) Order
Cat#: VB-1000-EB
Quantity: 1000 rxns
Price: 245 €
Supplier: Express Biotech
User Manual  

• Rapidly isolate extracellular viral nucleic acids from cell culture supernatants and biological fluid samples (serum, plasma, etc.)

• Viral nucleic acids can be directly used for subsequent qPCR/qRT-PCR analysis

• Fast protocol - no sample filtration or precipitation steps required

The EasyXpress Viral Nucleic Release reagent is designed for the rapid isolation of small quantities of viral RNA or DNA from cell culture supernatants and biological fkuid samples in microfuge tubes or in a 96-well format for subsequent quantitative and real-time RT-PCR analysis.

The kit contains VNAR Protease, a proprietary mixture of buffers and proteases that allow for the isolation of up to 96 viral nucleic acid samples in under an hour with no sample filtration or precipitation steps. The protease specifically degrades virus envelopes, whereas cells are not lysed.

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